Thanks to SBS Bank the Wearable Parts Awards will have cash prizes up for grabs.  Enter now, don't miss out.

This year the SBS Wearable Parts Comp will be held over two days.  Contestants, their models and of course outfits MUST be available for the FRIDAY NIGHT PREVIEW SHOWING AND PEOPLE'S CHOICE VOTING, to be held at The Caroline Bay Hall doors open at 8pm.  Contestants will need to arrive prior to this.  We will be in touch with all the information closer to the event.


Entry is free.

Entries must be received before February 15 March 2018

All entries must evoke the Wearable Parts theme or the Rock and Hop theme and contain at least one car/caravan or motorbike part . 

Entries must be modelled at the Friday night Preview as well as the Gala Day Saturday 17th March 2018.

We will be in touch closer to the time with a timetable for the 16 and 17 March 2018.

Entries must be available for photography promotion, all rights to these photographs will belong to The Caroline Bay rock and Hop.

The judges decision will be final.

Thank you for taking part in the SBS Bank Wearable Parts Awards, we will be in contact closer to the event for a brief description of your outfit and a bio of yourselves and your model.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.